In-pharmacy Services

Pharmacists at Grégoire Arakelian pharmacies offer a wide variety of health services. Because they care, you will receive the kind of personalized advice and care you need. You can trust their expertise when it comes to your family's health.

Prescription Preparation

Preparation of all prescriptions, buy prescription including injectable or refrigerated medications

Prescriptions Filled for More Than 30 Days

Some prescriptions can be filled for a three-month period (possible at pharmacist's discretion)

Prescription Transfer

Management of prescription transfers from other pharmacies to the Grégoire Arakelian pharmacy of your choice by completing this form.

Online Claim Submission

Claims submitted directly to insurance companies

Vaccination Clinics

Nurse available to administer various shots and vaccines (travel, doctor shingles, for sale the flu, etc.)

Health-Monitoring Programs

Management of chronic illnesses (cholesterol, blood glucose and blood pressure testing)

New Professional Services

New professional services permitted by pharmacists under Bill 41:

  • Extending prescription period
  • Adjusting prescriptions
  • Prescribing laboratory tests
  • Substituting medication in case of drug supply disruption
  • Administering medication to show patients its proper usage (excluding intravenous drugs)
  • Prescribing medication when no diagnosis is required (Traveller's diarrhea, malaria prevention, morning sickness, etc.)
  • Prescribing medication for minor ailments with a known diagnosis (Cold sores, urinary tract infections in women, allergic rhinitis, etc.)

Click here for more information on Bill 41 (external link to visit the Quebec Order of Pharmacists, available in French only)

Pill Organizer

Practical pill organizers to make taking medication easier

Online or Telephone Prescription Renewal Request*

Easy-to-use renewal request service accessible 24/7


For more information, please contact your pharmacy: Click here to find a location near you.